SBF: Adaptive LED lighting which mixes warm, neutral and cold white light to simulate natural changes in daylight will be demonstrated by SBF Spezialleuchten at InnoTrans 2014.

The company will also be discussing developments including virtual panorama ceiling panels which could simulate the passing sky or clouds based on the train’s speed. A smart phone app could enable passengers to individually adjust the colour and brightness of at-seat lighting, with the settings stored and automatically reactivated during their next trip.

On a bright summer day SBF’s lighting uses a higher proportion of blue light, similar to bright sunshine. On grey winter days, however, a warm pleasant atmosphere is created using warm and neutral white.

SBF says that increasing the blueness of light makes people more active and awake, while a warmer colour makes people relaxed and comfortable. ‘With our new LED technology, we are now able to simulate these natural light variations and provide passengers with a far more pleasant atmosphere’, says Andreas Heilmann, Director of SBF’s Development Department. ‘Commuters can get to work wide awake, and return home more relaxed.’

When a train enters a short tunnel, the light intensity is increased and colour temperature changed to a comfortable neutral white. In longer tunnels, a more relaxing warm white is used and the intensity is reduced. Just before the train leaves the tunnel the colour temperature and intensity are returned to their original settings.

Ambient lighting can be used to create a special atmosphere in different sections of the train, for example ‘Happy Hour’ in the buffet car.

SBF will also be showing its GridLight LED headlights, which use modular lenses and prisms to produce headlights able to match the three-dimensional shape of any train front.