INNOTRANS: InnoTrans 2016 will see the launch of a Conference Corner, enabling exhibitors, associations and transport companies to hold lectures and present papers on the last day of the fair and the following weekend.

The programme will include the Maglev 2016 conference, to be organised by International Maglevboard and held on September 23-25. ‘Within the industry maglev is a controversial topic because it challenges established business models and could replace them’, said International Maglevboard President Johannes Klühspies. ‘InnoTrans is the right trade fair to debate this potentially disruptive trend among experts, specifically at the supporting Maglev 2016 conference.’

On May 26 Messe Berlin announced that more than 80% of the available floor space for InnoTrans 2016 had already been booked, with an increased number of bookings from countries including Norway, Portugal and Singapore reflecting the international dimension of the fair.