PLASSER & THEURER: The GMTZ self-propelled track recording car for DB Netz will on show on the outdoor tracks at InnoTrans, along with a Unimat 09-4x4/4S universal tamper. The 140 km/h GMTZ offers an interior height of 2 000 mm while still fitting within the restricted clearances of the Berlin and Hamburg S-Bahn networks.

Also on show will be the MFS 120 conveyor and hopper wagon. The retractable conveyor belt means that a match wagon is not required, while improved load distribution permits the vehicles to be used on a wide range of rail infrastructure. Several MFS units can be controlled from one unit, with precise matching of the engine output to the actual need to reduce the environmental impact.

Plasser & Theurer will also be highlighting its worldwide technical services activities, including the provision of training and its customised servicing contracts designed to maximise availability and cost-effectiveness throughout the lifespan of a machine.