Luxembourg tramway Phase D opening (Photo Luxtram) (1)

LUXEMBOURG: The 3·7 km five-stop Phase D extension of the city of Luxembourg’s tramway south from Lycée Bouneweg to Stadion was opened by Mayor Lydie Polfer on July 7.

The new terminus provides an interchange with bus services, and a park-and-ride facility is to open in October. The Howald Gare stop is expected to become a major tram, rail and bus interchange for the south of the Grand Duchy.

The extension ‘introduces several new exciting changes for passengers’, said Helge Dorstewitz, who took over as head of operator Luxtram on the same day. ‘Now it has become way easier to switch between modes of transport. Luxtram already transports 110 000 passengers per day and this number is expected to significantly increase.’

Operation of the extended tram line has required the recruitment of 15 more drivers as well as additional maintenance staff.

Luxembourg tramway Phase D opening (Photo Luxtram) (5)

Meanwhile, tracklaying is progressing on Phase E of the tramway, a 3·9 km northern extension from Luxexpo to the airport at Findel which is scheduled to open in early 2025.

Studies are also underway for an interurban fast tram line linking Stadion with Leudelange, which is expected to open by 2028.