Tatra-Yug Odesa tram order

UKRAINE: Odesa municipal transport operator Odesmiskelektrotrans has ordered 13 Type K1T306 low-floor trams from a consortium led by Tatra-Yug, which said it was the first tram contract to be signed since the Russian invasion in February.

Tenders were called in 2021 with financing by the European Investment Bank as part of its support for urban transport in Ukraine.

Tatra-Yug model tram

‘New, comfortable and modern Ukrainian-made trams, purchased with European credit funds, will soon appear on the streets of Odesa’, said the manufacturer when the contract was signed on December 16.

‘We are sincerely grateful to all parties and participants of the project for their hard and courageous work to update the rolling stock and infrastructure.’

Tatra-Yug has delivered 11 three-section 27 m long 100% low-floor trams to Kyiv since February as a part of a European Investment Bank backed contract for the supply of 20 vehicles.