Track-safety (Image LRSSB)

UK: A virtual reality tool designed to provide hazard awareness training for people who will be working on or near tram tracks has been developed by the Light Rail Safety & Standards Board in partnership with tram simulator specialist Avansim and industry association UKTram.

The Virtual Track Awareness software builds on a similar hazard perception system used for tram driver training.

It can be run on almost any computer to provide a safe environment to raise awareness of potential risks.

‘Incorporating suggestions from members of the UKTram Operators Group, the tool is capable of recording test scores that can be used to assess an individual’s awareness of risks and suitability for working in what can be a hazardous environment’, said UKTram Operations Manager Steve Duckering on June 7.

‘Featuring a simulated track walk, the software can also be adapted by operators to include bespoke questions to meet their individual requirements while enhancing wider sector learning.’