Tyne & Wear Metro Corys simulator

UK: Tyne & Wear Metro has taken delivery of a Corys full-size cab simulator to train staff on its incoming fleet of trains to be supplied by Stadler. The simulator replicates the network and all 60 stations, as well as weather conditions such as snow or high winds and situations such as cows on the line.

‘The level of detail is fantastic and is each route is easily identifiable’, said Craig Pearson, one of the metro’s 174 drivers. ‘It is better than the expectations we had for it. It will be an integral part of our drivers’ conversion training between old and new fleets and provide a great tool in the future, being able to replicate most, if not all, real-life situations that could arise in the comfort of the simulator.’

The first of the 46 Stadler trains is expected to be delivered in November for testing and further training ahead of entering service in mid-2023.