INNOTRANS: Hyundai Rotem is showing one the 123 Warsolino low-floor trams ordered for Warszawa in what operator Tramwaje Warszawskie said was the largest tram contract ever signed in Poland.

The contract signed in June 2019 included a base order for 85 bidirectional and 18 unidirectional trams 32·5 m long, as well as 20 unidirectional trams 24 m long.


The longer trams will have capacity for 240 passengers, while the short variant will carry 160 passengers.

The trams are being built in South Korea with the first two arriving at the Polish port of Gdynia in June 2021.

There are options for a further 45 bidirectional and 45 unidirectional 32·5 m trams.


The air-conditioned trams have a maximum speed of 70 km/h and will be able to operate for at least 120 m without an external power supply using onboard energy storage.


Hyundai Rotem told Metro Report International that it had more than achieved the customer’s energy efficiency requirements, helped by lightweight construction methods.


Polish firms Medcom is supplying traction equipment. This includes Skeleton Technologies ultracapacitors to capture regenerated braking energy for reuse during acceleration, reducing the total energy consumption and minimising the amount of power drawn from the supply grid at peak times. ATM has supplied data collection equipment.