POLAND: Mayor of Warszawa Rafał Trzaskowski has presented a public transport master plan presented that envisages expanding the metro network from three lines totalling 41·5 km to five lines totalling 113 km by 2050.

Infill stations would be built on Line M1 at Plac Konstytucji at Muranów.

Line M2 is currently being extended west to Karolin, and under the plan would be extended further southwest to Ursus Niedźwiadek adding three more stations. The eastern end of M2 would be extended from Bródno to Marymont, recrossing the River Wisła.

Studies are already underway for Line M3, which would run from Stadion on M2 to Żwirki i Wigury in the southwest.

The proposed Line M4 would connect Wilanów in the south to Tarchomin in the north.

M5 would run from Szamoty in the west to Gocławek in the east, with tunnels in the Śródmieście Południowe area arranged above each other rather than side by side to protect surviving pre-war buildings .

Warszawa metro 2050 masterplan

The expansion would mean 17 of the city’s 18 districts would have metro access, and the percentage of people living within 1 km of a metro station would increase from 28% to more than 50%.

‘Almost 60% of residents of Warszawa use public transport, over 90% are happy with it’, said Trzaskowski on February 13. We are proud of it and we will develop collective transport. We want rail transport to reach all 18 districts of the capital so that by 2050 more than half of residents will have the metro within a short 1 km walk. And trams will reach where there is no metro.

‘We are also close to the philosophy of the 15 min city, so that all services important to the residents are within 15 min on foot or by public transport.’

He said ‘design work on the third metro line has already started. At the same time, we want to start work on the fourth line. I have promises from the European Union that we will get the money that is necessary for such an expensive undertaking.’