CHINA: Foshan metro Line 3 was opened for revenue service on December 28.

The 42·9 km line with 22 stations runs from Zhen’an in the north to Shunde College Railway Station in the southeast. Two stations and 5·6 km of the line are elevated, and the rest underground. Construction began in August 2016, and test running started in mid-2022.


Interchange with Guangzhou metro Line 7 is provided at Beijiao Park station, while Dongping station a connection with the Guangfo ‘inter-city metro’ line which links Foshan and Guangzhou.

Line 3 is operated by a fleet of 51 six-car Type B trains with permanent magnet traction motors, which are able to run at a maximum speed of 100 km/h. Services run at 5 min 40 sec intervals during the peaks and every 8 min 30 sec off peak, providing an end-to-end journey time of 55 min.


A 2·6 km extension to the southeast with one station is under construction, along with a 24 km northwestern extension with 15 stations, which will serve Foshan and Foshan Xi railway stations.