SPAIN: A multi-functional metro operational control, driving and breakdown repair simulator suite has been installed in the Barcelona metro’s training centre at Hospital Clínic station.

Developed by operator TMB and railway technology research centre CITEF, it supports a wide range of training exercises involving interaction between multiple train drivers and control centre staff. A wide collection of onboard and lineside breakdowns and incidents are available, enabling staff to be trained in a broad range of situations not easily reproduced on an operational metro line.


The simulation room contains three cabs replicating the S6000 and S5000 trainsets operating on lines 1, 3 and 5 with Bombardier and Dimetronic signalling and train protection systems. There are two cabs for the S4000 and S3000 trains which operate on lines 1 and 3 with Bombardier signalling. The cabs feature realistic visuals, based on a Unity engine, enabling students to immerse themselves in the scenario. There is an additional touch screen representing circuit breakers, valves, doors and cabinets which a driver needs to use and be familiar with.

Three control centre workstations include realistic interfaces for traffic control and radio communications with the drivers.

A classroom enables up to 12 people to observe training and familiarise themselves with the content.

An instructor can assign exercises to trainees, set the pace of training, follow the progress of students, interact with the simulations and carry out evaluations. There is a toolkit for designing simulator exercises, and integration with the Moodle e-learning platform which provides theoretical training and online testing to complement practical training on the simulator.