Hitachi Milano metro rendering

ITALY: Hitachi Rail has been awarded a €368m framework agreement to supply 46 trainsets to Milano operator ATM, of which an order for 21 trains has already been exercised, worth €168m. To run on Line 1, the first trains are due to enter service in spring 2024.

Each train will be 106·5 m long, formed of six aluminium-bodied cars and with a maximum speed of 90 km/h. They will feature a surveillance system providing real time video to the control room to improve security onboard. The train’s lower noise levels will also help to provide a more comfortable passenger experience, Hitachi says. The external surfaces have been designed to be especially resistant to vandalism.

The design is also intended to offer a high degree of recyclability for when the trains reach the end of their lives.

The fleet will be manufactured at Hitachi Rail plants in Napoli and Reggio Calabria.

ATM previously ordered 72 Leonardo-branded metro trains from Hitachi Rail in 2012-18 for use on lines 1 and 2.