LUXEMBOURG: The first tram for the line under construction in Luxembourg City arrived in the early hours of February 9 from CAF’s factory in Zaragoza.

CAF is supplying 21 Urbos trams under an €83m contract signed in 2015. Nine are required for the first section of the line, which will link Luxexpo and Pont Rouge. This section is due to open in September.

The trams are 45 m long, 2 650 mm wide and 3·6 m high, with capacity for 300 passengers, including 75 seated. There will be no catenary on the 3·6 km between Pont Rouge and the main line station, so the trams are being equipped to operate using CAF’s ACR Freedrive ground-level charging system on this section.

Extensions at both ends are expected to open in 2020-21. When complete, the tram line would be 16·2 km long with 15 stops.