RUSSIA: Moscow Metro General Manager Dmitry Gaev has revealed plans for further expansion of the network over the period from 2010 to 2015.

Gaev hopes to see a further 130 km built by 2015, of which 60 km is already included in the city's budget. Funding for the remainder will come from the federal government.

Among the projects envisaged is a second ring line, construction of which is due to start in 2011. Moscow Metro also expects greater private sector involvement in infrastructure work. In 2009, Myakininskaya station on the Strogino - Volokolamsya line is to be built by Krokus Ltd, the first time a private contractor has undertaken such a project.

On March 14, RZD agreed plans to convert the circular railway for passenger use to relieve congestion on the metro (RG 4.08 p212).

Development of Moscow metro 2007-15
TrubnayaLublinsko-Dmitrovskaya (10)2007
Sretenski BulvarLublinsko-Dmitrovskaya (10)2007
Kuntsevo 2Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya (3)2007
StroginoArbatsko-Pokrovskaya (3)2007
Slavyanski BulvarArbatsko-Pokrovskaya (3)2008
Maryina RoshchaLublinsko-Dmitrovskaya (10)2009
ZyablikovskayaLublinsko-Dmitrovskaya (10)2010
BrateyevoZamoskvoretskaya (2)2011
MitinoArbatsko-Pokrovskaya (3)2011
NovokissinoKalininskaya (8)2011
Starokacha-Lovskaya to Bitsevski ParkButovskaya2011
ZhulebinoTagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya (7)2012
LikhoboryLublinsko-Dmitrovskaya (10)2013