OmniSurveyor3D technology will be used to make a complete three dimensional survey of Britain’s 16660route-km network, following Railtrack’s award of a contract to software and system design house Omnicom Engineering. It follows completion of a survey of the West Coast Main Line, as part of the preparations for the current upgrading scheme.

Cameras fitted to a rail vehicle make a complete record of the track and all lineside structures. Positional data is calculated and logged for every object using a combination of satellite positioning and inertial technology, both in absolute terms (latitude and longitude) and in relation to the track centreline. Track geometry is also determined, and for this reason the survey vehicle has to traverse all tracks on multi-track lines.

The six-month survey is being undertaken in partnership with Balfour Beatty Rail Plant, which will be responsible for operating the vehicle. The output will be an accurate 3D map which can be used for planning maintenance, viewing track quality, checking the sighting of signals, and safety briefings.

Railtrack is required by the Rail Regulator to hold a comprehensive assets register, and an asset list has been developed as part of the package. Over 600 types of asset can be recorded, along with 293 different attributes such as location along the track. The database can be used for auditing existing databases.

Using a desktop PC, the operator can view the track and take accurate measurements off the screen, such as the height and length of a platform edge and its distance from the track. When planning work, the route and precise length of a cable run can be determined without a site visit.

Omnicom Engineering Ltd, Great Britain

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