SIX FORMER and current executives of Eurotunnel, including former Co-Chairman Sir Alastair Morton, who is now Chairman of Britain’s Shadow Strategic Rail Authority, have become mixed up in a French legal investigation instigated by a group of disgruntled Eurotunnel shareholders known as Adacte. This organisation is querying the financial forecasts made for Eurotunnel’s 1994 prospectus and has called for the resignation of all the Eurotunnel board. It is headed by one Joseph Gouranton.

For those of you who follow affairs in northern France, it may be of interest to recall that there was once an organisation called TGV Normandie-Picardie which objected to the TGV Nord line being routed through Lille rather than Amiens. Among other obstructive activities, those involved at one stage arranged for the sale of small parcels of land along the alignment of the high speed line at Fr10 apiece. And the gentleman in charge of this organisation? One Joseph Gouranton.