STAFF in ticket offices and depots need to be kept informed of unexpected incidents which bring changes to service patterns, and this requires near-instant communication across an operator’s business.

But pagers and mobile phones get turned off if staff see the messages as a low priority, multiple text messages go unread, and e-mails are only of use to computer-bound staff. To tackle this, Dailys has developed trainTrax, a message display system which has been deployed by British operators including Southern, First ScotRail and London Underground.

According to Managing Director Craig Lewis, trainTrax is intended to work as a ’giant mobile phone’.

E-mail, pager or SMS messages are used to update trainTrax with text which is then distributed to LED scrolling display boards placed in offices. The current message can be overwritten, or the new message displayed for a set time, and an audible alarm can draw attention to the arrival of a new message. Logs of the messages are kept on computer for future reference, with time and date stamps.

Dailys, UK