ENDURANCE testing of the Track!02 automatic track warning system from Track Warning AB of Sweden is to begin on Railtrack’s Midland Zone. Track!02 detects rail vibrations using rail-mounted ultrasonic sensors. A microprocessor identifies vibrations caused by trains, and a radio signal is sent to a master unit.

The master then warns permanent way staff of the approaching train using sirens and vest-mounted vibration units. An alarm also sounds if a member of staff leaves the area covered by the radio signal or the devices are tampered with.

Track!02 has been sponsored by GTRM and Balfour Beatty Rail Maintenance, and testing will take place on GTRM’s IMC2000 West Coast Main Line contract. When the 500-hour trials are completed, Railtrack is expected to seek safety approval to use the equipment without a traditional lookout.

Track Warning AB, Sweden

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