As part of its contract to supply rolling stock for the Tehran Metro, China’s Locomotive & Rolling Stock Industry Corp has also supplied an automated train washer developed by the Harbin Railway Institute of Science & Technology. The unit will clean both car ends, roof and sides; at a passing speed of 3 km/h, it takes around 20min to wash a full seven-car train.

The equipment is designed for a dispersed control structure, with a central operating panel and three remote equipment cabinets. Co-ordination is provided by a Siemens programmable logic controller. Control of the wash programme is integrated with signalling and traction supplies, although no third rail is provided within the actual washer area.

Two standard programmes allow for fresh water or detergent washes, with a maximum water consumption of 100m3/h. Washers are arranged in eight stations: ends, first lateral, detergent brushing, roof brushing, second lateral (used water), roof rinsing, pre-rinsing, lateral rinse and final rinse. Waste water is filtered and cleaned before discharge to the local sewage treatment plant. Each washing station is designed for local manual operation in the event of a full or partial control failure.

Harbin Railway Institute, China

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