A COMPACT ground-penetrating radar (GPR) system suitable for ballast profiling has been introduced by Geophysical Survey Systems. Weighing 6 kg and housed in a weatherproof plastic case, the SIR 2000 takes power at 12V DC and can be used with a range of antennae with a frequency range of 16 to 2000MHz.

Capable of recording up to 64 scans or traces per second, the SIR 2000 can penetrate to a depth of several metres depending on sub-surface conditions, with the size of detectable objects ranging from millimetres to metres. The system is driven by a Motorola 56002 Digital Signal Processor, and recordings are saved on an internal 1·3GB hard drive.

Scan data is presented on a 210mm colour LCD display, or can be shown as a linescan grey or colour scale, wiggle trace or oscilloscope display. The manufacturer also offers a GPR inspection service for ballast and the analysis of large concrete structures.

Geophysical Survey Systems Inc, USA

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