SERBIA'S Ministry of Defence is to sell a saloon car from the Blue Train, the fleet of luxury rolling stock built for President Tito.

The Blue Train was subsequently used by the presidents of Yugoslavia and their state visitors, and in recent years has been available for private charter. According to Serbian Railways it has carried more than 60 world statesmen since entering service in the 1950s, and has visited countries including Austria, France, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Greece.

One person who might consider bidding for the Blue Train would be the South African who lodged a complaint with his country's Advertising Standards Authority after being disappointed to discover that the locomotive used when he travelled on the similarly-named South African train was not actually blue.

The ASA rejected his complaint, ruling that 'guests pay for the experience of being in the train. The service and experience offered by the respondent is what guests expect and get. A reasonable consumer would expect at most a predominantly blue train.'