AN EXTENSION of Calgary's Northeast light rail line from Whitehorn to McKnight-Westwinds opened for revenue service on December 17. Built at a cost of C$75m, the 2·7 km extension will serve one of the city's fastest-growing suburbs, and a maintenance facility just beyond the new terminus costing a further C$100m.

A one-stop extension of the Northwest line from Dalhousie to Crowfoot is scheduled to open this year, as part of a C-Train expansion programme that includes 33 new LRVs, reconstruction of the oldest city-centre stations and platform lengthening to accommodate four-car trains.

On November 20 the city council approved funding for the C$700m, six-station West LRT extension along Bow Trail and 17th Avenue, from the current terminus at 7th Avenue to 17th Avenue & 69th Street SW, on which work could begin by October for opening in 2013. The council had already agreed to spend C$50m on land acquisition and C$84m for another 21 LRVs to work the 8 km corridor, which will serve approximately 120 000 inhabitants. The line will mostly run on the surface, with an underground section from 33rd Street to 41st Street SW.