AUSTRALIA: Following successful testing that has included operation at up to 130 km/h and hauling ‘one of the biggest iron ore trains’ between Port Augusta and Adelaide last month, SCT Logistics expects its full fleet of CSR Ziyang diesel locomotives to be ‘up and running’ by June.

SCT says that it has been ‘humbled’ by the performance of its new Chinese locomotives, in particular during noise, ride and speed tests. Powered by a 4 200 hp MTU engine, the new design meets EU Stage IIIA emissions standards as well as Australian EPA requirements.

‘One of the issues we now face is that the average age of the fleets that operate across Australia is nearly 30 years old with most not conforming to current standards, especially 21st century emission standards’, said SCT Logistics Managing Director Geoff Smith. SCT says that its new CSR locomotives ‘emit less carbon than any other locomotives in Australia and will set a new benchmark for the Australian rail industry moving forward’.

SCT has ordered a total of 10 locomotives from CSR Ziyang, also featuring AC traction, isolated driving cabs and ‘a proven bogie configuration’. A batch of six units was shipped from Shanghai to Adelaide on January 1 2012.