August 2017 issue of Railway Gazette International.

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  • An African awakening


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  • High speed rail reaches maturity, Northeast Corridor modernisation programme progress, tram-train tribulations in the UK


  • IHHA brings a broader focus
    Difficult economic conditions have forced heavy haul operators to concentrate on cutting costs and driving efficiency, but building a sustainable business means playing a wider role in the entire logistics supply chain, argues Brian Monakali
  • Renewing Transnet Freight Rail’s traction fleet
    Deliveries of new locomotives under Transnet Freight Rail’s ambitious programme of motive power replacement are well in hand, ensuring that South Africa’s national operator is well placed to take advantage of the investment when the economy turns round
  • Africa’s first high speed line to open in mid-2018
    After long delays, the Tanger – Kénitra high speed line is nearing completion with the head of steel advancing rapidly from two tracklaying sites, reports Christian Scasso
  • A line into the future
    With trains now running on Ethiopia’s first standard-gauge railway, construction is in full swing in the next stage of a planned national network, with many more routes envisaged. Toma Bacic investigates

Noise & vibration

  • Searching for wheel innovation
    The five companies making up the European Railway Wheelset Association assess the outlook for their segment of the supply industry as technical, regulatory and policy challenges mount

In focus

  • Laos-China Railway on track
    Construction of the 1435 mm gauge railway linking Laos and China is well underway following the formal start of work last year
  • Ouest side story
    Celebrations in Bordeaux and Rennes on July 1 marked the opening of LGV Sud Europe Atlantique and LGV Bretagne – Pays de la Loire, France’s ninth and tenth high speed lines. Murray Hughes joined guests on three special TGVs
  • High Speed 2 makes progress
    Preferred bidders have been named for £6·6bn of civil works contracts, while alignments for the high speed line in northern England have been finalised
  • Implementing the technical pillar
    As part of the drive to create a Single European Railway Area, the EU Agency for Railways has been consulting widely over the proposed arrangements for safety certification and vehicle acceptance that must be put in place by mid-2019

Research & skills

  • UK suppliers and universities to share research funding, Transmashholding agrees educational partnerships


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  • Despite more than two decades of European legislation aimed at opening up the rail market to facilitate access for new entrants, the hurdles remain formidable, as Sven Gossel of prospective German open access operator Trans Metropolitan Railway explains

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