Railway Gazette International magazine, November 2014.


  • InnoTrans: value the chance conversation


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  • SNCF President Guillaume Pepy sets out his strategy
  • Late change in nomination for EU Transport Commissioner
  • Growing safely in the USA
  • Restructuring Polish regional rail
  • Košice race hots up
  • An intelligent network in Southeast Asia


  • Investment initiatives will speed Indian Railways transformation
    Faced with a raft of schemes for capacity expansion, network upgrading and new line construction, Indian Railways is looking to harness foreign investment and private finance through a range of initiatives, explains IR Board Chairman Arunendra Kumar
  • Indian Railways faces ambitious growth targets
    By 2032, India’s railways should be handling 50% of all freight-tonne km, according to the government’s transport development plans. IR needs to adopt a more commercial focus as well as investing in capacity if the modal shift objectives are to be met
  • Speed-up beckons in a burgeoning market
    The acceleration of inter-city services on existing routes is a first step towards the construction of high speed lines
  • Augmenting capacity and boosting productivity
    Having slipped behind railways in other countries in the use of advanced technology, Indian Railways is now harnessing a range of initiatives to cope with rising traffic, reduce costs and improve the quality of service, reports Raghu Dayal
  • Autotransformer feeding on the Dedicated Freight Corridors
    The two freight railways now under construction will be electrified using 2 x 25 kV, to power the high-horsepower electric locos hauling double-stack container and heavy coal trains

Passenger trains

  • Flirt in a cold climate
    Stadler rolled out the first Flirt inter-city trainset for Swedish open access operator MTR Express in Bussnang on October 17
  • A new face at Thameslink
    The first of 115 Desiro City electric multiple-units being supplied by Siemens for the Thameslink route in London are currently undergoing test running at Wildenrath. Expected to arrive in the UK in summer 2015, the trains will begin entering revenue service on the Bedford – Brighton corridor from early 2016
  • Distributed traction inter-city EMU
    With six routes being developed for operation at 250 km/h, another generation of high-speed rolling stock is on the drawingboard in South Korea
  • SJ embraces remote bearing monitoring
    Sweden’s national operator is deploying Perpetuum’s novel vibration harvesting technology to improve wheelset reliability on its SJ2000 inter-city fleet, which is now being refurbished.

InnoTrans review

  • The world in one place
    The global rail industry gathered in Berlin on September 23-26 as record numbers attended the 10th InnoTrans trade show

Research & skills

  • UK high speed skills college locations announced


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  • RZD President Vladimir Yakunin outlines how Russian Railways is responding to a turbulent economic and political climate

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