COMBINED nose and coupling assemblies for the Talgo 350 trainsets to work Spain’s Madrid - Barcelona line are being supplied by the Scharfenberg subsidiary of Voith Turbo. The contract reflects a move by the main suppliers to contract out the supply of components as complete sub-assemblies, minimising interface issues.

The power car nose ends come complete with aerodynamic moulding, hinged covers and retractable couplings , ready to be bolted to the vehicle. Provision is left for mounting the light clusters, which are being supplied by Siemens and fitted after final painting.

Energy absorption provision includes deformation tubes inside the replaceable coupler cover, which is able to withstand an impact with a 60 kg object at 350 km/h. Wiring and control valves for the coupler operation are located behind a side access panel for easy maintenance.

Scharfenberg is also supplying complete ’soft nose’ modules for the light rail market, including units for the K