Compin will be showcasing its modular passenger seating range, and describing how operators can make long term cost savings by selecting the most appropriate seat design for their needs.

MTU Friedrichshafen will be showing 'powerful yet environmentally-friendly' engines for locos and multiple-units.

Höft & Wessel and its partner PSI will be presenting the latest updates to the Almex.compact mobile ticket dispensers for use onboard trains and trams. Able to take payment by coins, notes or smart cards, the machines are being targeted at operators seeking to revitalise public transport in Eastern Europe.

Schaltbau will be exhibiting a range of switches and connections certified for railway use, including emergency isolators.

Swiss firm Qnamic is to presenting the capabilities of its RailOpt 2 integrated resource management software.

Deuta-Werke will be showing its speed monitoring equipment, SIL4 SDU odometry platform for use with ETCS, and modular train event recorders. The Bergisch Gladbach-based firm will also be exhibiting complete driving desk modules.

Voith will be unveiling the Maxima 40CC six-axle diesel-hydraulic loco (RG 7.06 p402) at InnoTrans. It can accept a 12 or 16 cylinder engine rated at up to 3600 kW, and is designed to haul a 2000 tonne train up a 1% grade at 60 km/h.

Voestalpine Schienen is to launch its LCC Rail software at InnoTrans, helping infrastructure managers reduce rail life cycle costs. A development of the Urban Rail LCC tool, this uses customers' own data to calculate how costs can be lowered.

Italian firm SELI will be highlighting the expertise it has gained in constructing tunnels through all types of ground in urban and mountainous regions.

Phoenix Dichtungstechnik will be presenting profiles for rail track infrastructures and seals for tunnel construction, as well as sound absorbing sub-ballast elastomer mats and resilient bedding for grooved tram rails.

Leoliner Fahrzeug-Bau Leipzig will be bringing along two examples of the low-cost tram designs it offers to cities in central and eastern Europe which are looking to revitalise their tramways within limited budgets.

Czech rolling stock supplier Skoda Transportation will be displaying an 06T low-floor tram - the model which the Plzen-based company is supplying to Sardinian operator FdS for the 950mm gauge tram-train project in Cagliari.

Flexicon will be exhibiting with the UK's Railway Industry Association, with staff on hand to offer technical advice on choosing the best flexible conduit for surface and underground cabling requirements.

  • CAPTION: Swiss rolling stock builder Stadler will be displaying one of the four Riggenbach rack-and-pinion electric multiple-units which were delivered to the metre-gauge Zugspitze mountain railway in Bayern this summer