CAPTION: On May 1 Indian Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajapayee formally ’dedicated’ the 760 km Konkan Railway in a ceremony at Ratnagiri (above). The line was opened to traffic on January 26 (RG 3.98 p138), but the ceremony could not be held until after the country’s general election. Konkan Railway Corp has put into service a batch of DMUs for local services around Madgaon (below)

CAPTION: Buenos Aires suburban operator Metropolitano SA has taken delivery of the last of 15 broad-gauge GT22CW-2 diesel locos from General Motors EMD for its Roca and San Martín routes; the locos are being acquired under a lease agreement with Mitsui of Japan

CAPTION: On April 27 Dutch heavy-lift firm Takmarine began a three-day project to lift into place a 286m long bridge across the Dintelhaven at Europoort. Assembled by Hollandia BV, the 4200 tonne bridge will carry Netherlands Railways’ Betuwe freight line through the port