CROATIA: Rolling stock manufacturer Koncar intends to complete the construction of a regional EMU prototype by the middle of next year. Following initial tests, the three-car unit will be delivered to Bosnian Railways with a view to series production of the design.

Koncar hopes to target the former Yugoslavia and neighbouring countries with the 160 km/h trainset. Although the prototype is to be configured for regional traffic and will include a buffet car, a commuter variant would also be available if a customer requests it, according to Sales Director Tomica Kolman.

The EMU will be equipped with asynchronous AC traction motors with IGBT control. Many of the traction components have been developed in-house, including the bogies, main converter and power electronics, or procured through local suppliers.

The train has a floor height of 550 mm throughout and is likely to be fitted with air-conditioning. An accessible toilet and passenger information screens will also be included. Although the prototype will be equipped solely for Bosnia’s 25 kV 50 Hz overhead supply, Kolman explained that multi-system variants for up to four voltages would be offered.