TUNNEL lighting equipment from WRTL Exterior Lighting has been subjected to an accelerated test programme at Sheffield University’s Department of Civil & Structural Testing before being approved for use in the London tunnels of Channel Tunnel Rail Link Section 2.

Two RTL3001 luminaires were subjected to 4·9million cycles of 4Hz 188N axial point forces, simulating the pneumatic piston effect of trains passing the fittings in a tunnel over 25 years. A total of 5000 of the luminaires fitted with 42W fluorescent lamps have been ordered for use in 40 km of tunnel on the Channel Tunnel Rail Link.

WRTL is also supplying 8000 Vectra high-pressure sodium lanterns for installation on railway stations in Scotland, featuring flat glass designed to minimise lateral light spill.

The company has also launched the Goliath, Titan and Colossus high-mast lighting poles for rail yards and similar spaces. Standing up to 30m high, the masts have aluminium runners which allow the headframes to be lowered in 45 km/h winds.

WRTL Exterior Lighting Ltd, UK

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