SOCOFER will be promoting its range of infrastructure maintenance equipment as well as its shunting loco and diesel railcar re-powering kits.

The French company has recently supplied SNCF with a Linad road-rail vehicle for bridge inspections. The 34 tonne lorry is equipped with a movable basket which allows staff to reach parts of bridges and viaducts that are difficult to access.

The wide range of uses for Socofer's Modular Interchangeable Concept equipment will be highlighted. Eurotunnel and Network Rail are using the demountable modules for the application of adhesion-improving gel to railheads, mounting high-pressure rail cleaning water jets, weed-killing sprays and removing ice from conductor rails. Similar modules will soon be supplied to the Channel Tunnel Rail Link and SNCF.

Socofer staff will be on hand to discuss the firm's complete re-powering kits for 1000 kW locomotives and 480 kW railcars, comprising a diesel engine, auxiliary and interface sets, and motor and alternator electronics.