TWIN-LEAF passenger doors on a Bombardier LF2000 low-floor tram used in the city of Dessau have been replaced with a new door module from a range developed by Fahrzeugtechnik Dessau AG.

The installation of the new doors for a one-year demonstration and testing period did not require changes to the tram’s existing fixing points and control systems. FTD believes this ability to retro-fit the modules makes them particularly suitable for modernising existing vehicles.

The modules offer self-supporting frames, thermally-insulated door leaves, footboards, integrated control units and adjustable electric drives. The internal width of the outer door can be 800 to 1100mm, suitable for applications from trams to high speed vehicles. The locks are available with a variable number of bolt points, and the sealing can be adapted for a variety of conditions, including pressure-resistant versions for high speed trainsets.

’Our plug-and-play doors significantly reduce installation times’, said FTD Chairman Dr Joachim Pfannmüller. ’Thanks to a simplified installation system any tolerance discrepancy between door module and carriage can be quickly overcome.’

Fahrzeugtechnik Dessau AG, Germany

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