AEA Technology has supplied its accelerometer-based RideMon ride monitoring system to British train operator South West Trains. On-board equipment uses GPS to record the exact location of track giving rise to poor ride quality, and passes the information to a control centre where maps to assist rectification are produced on a PC.

Elmeridge Cables Ltd has supplied cabling for a point-heating system to Britain’s National Railway Supplies. Cable sheathing is made from synthetic compounds that offer improved resistance to adverse conditions.

Cognos Ltd has supplied PowerPlay software to London Underground for processing data from ticket issuing machines and barrier gates. Via the company intranet, users can request a variety of reports ranging from hour-by-hour sales reports to management summaries.

Zweiweg Schneider supplied a fleet of 50 Mercedes-Benz Unimog road-rail vehicles used during the construction of the Nagano Shinkansen in Japan (RG 10.97 p641). The fleet was equipped with a ’master and slave’ control system allowing up to two vehicles to be operated in multiple by one driver.

Under a two-year contract worth £1·5m, Smith System Engineering is to provide engineering management, engineering development and contract development services for Railtrack’s Digital Advanced Radio for Trains project. Based on public GSM communications, DART will eventually supersede the existing Cab Secure Radio and National Radio Network systems.

COE Ltd has been awarded a contract to supply fibre-based video transmission equipment for the first stage of Railtrack’s Project EROS, which will introduce remote monitoring of level crossings on the East Coast main line. In addition to its single-channel Product 120, COE will be supplying digital Codec equipment to provide a back-up diverse routing facility for the Peterborough South section of the project.

The Silentbloc Division of Silvertown UK Ltd has supplied components for transmission torque reaction linkages on the TER DMUs for SNCF under construction at GEC Alsthom’s Aytré factory. The linkages permit articulation of the transmission while attenuating high-frequency vibration.

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