An anti-graffiti film that can be applied to glazed and smooth surfaces is being offered to train and station operators by CPFilms. Llumar GraffitiShield protects windows and surfaces from malicious or accidental damage by pens, paint and even sharp objects. The coating is visibly marked so the vandal believes the underlying surface is damaged, but the film can easily be replaced.

A robust on-train monitoring and recording device is being offered by Rowe Hankins Components. Events recorded cover speed, vigilance, rollback, wheel spin and slide, and GPS synchronisation to fix the location. The fireproof memory module of 8 to 32MB is contained in a box that resists 700í C for 5min, a crushing force of 5 tonnes, 100 g vibrations and corrosive fluids.

Six stations on the Istanbul metro have been equipped with Kidde Fire Protection based on a specification developed for London Underground. There are more than 3000 detectors and over 10 km of linear heat detection cable applied, in particular, to escalators. The control panels include a sprinkler mimic diagram with LEDs that show where water is flowing.

GE Transportation Systems has developed the BrightStar