ON DECEMBER 17 Railway Gazette International was invited to sample the ICT high speed tilting train on a special trip from Frankfurt Airport station. This was the first time that passengers had been carried on the five-car ICT test formation.

Speed on the run to Darmstadt and Mainz was limited with the tilting equipment locked out of use pending approval by the Federal Railway office; the tilt does not normally function below 65 km/h.

Also on board were DB Reise & Touristik AG General Manager Dr Axel Nawrocki, Production & Technical Manager Karl-Dietrich Reemtsema and ICE chief design engineer Dipl-Ing Heinz Kurz. Other guests included key German travel agents who were treated to an on-board champagne reception.

The bar area and seatback video screens in first class attracted much attention, but many guests also took the opportunity to try the front and rear salons where passengers have a clear view of the line ahead (above) thanks to a glass screen forming the rear wall of the spacious driver’s cab. The plush wood trim and finish on seats and panelling attracted favourable comment, as did the electronic information panels and the family compartment.