Red for danger

Thefts of diesel have become such a problem that cash-strapped Zambia Railways has resorted to dyeing its fuel red to deter thieves. A public notice in the Times of Zambia announces that ’Anybody found in unauthorised possession of the red fuel will be deemed to have stolen it ... and will be prosecuted.’

Hitching rail

There’s nothing unusual about unusual venues for weddings these days, now that many countries allow ceremonies to be conducted anywhere from stately homes to river boats. But we felt that Tama Monorail’s offer deserved wider publicity, while wondering if the rather confined location might not inhibit guests’ enjoyment of the celebrations. Presumably the common injunction against eating and drinking on public transport would not apply to nuptials, though dancing in the aisles might have to be limited to the conga.


CAPTION: Here’s to the year of Jubilee. Britain’s Great North Eastern Railway has introduced a new range of wines for 2000, including its own house wines, blended in southwest France with the assistance of the Val d’Orbieu vineyards. The white combines a 1998 Chardonnay-Marsanne and a 1998 Merlot-Cabernet, whilst the red is 60% Merlot balanced with a Cabernet Sauvignon. Dieter and the RG team feel that it is an appropriate occasion to raise a glass, and wish all our readers a very happy new year