THE Greenbrier Companies and Zhuzhou Rolling Stock Works announced the signing of two long-term co-operation agreements on December 15.

The US company is to use Chinese-made parts in its North American and European wagons, and will identify design and commercial opportunities in China and elsewhere. Greenbrier also plans to examine the expansion of its other sourcing programmes in China.

Greenbrier President & CEO William A Furman said ’while it is not Greenbrier’s current intention to enter the manufacturing business in China directly, we are very interested in design and commercial collaboration with ZRSW and its parent, China South Locomotive & Rolling Stock Industry Group, to support the significant goals of the Chinese Ministry of Railways.’

Established in 1958, ZRSW is the second largest freight car manufacturer in China, with an annual production capacity of 6000 wagons. ZRSW President Cao Yang said ’by learning from each other’s strengths, together we will become more significant players in the global rail supply market. There is no doubt that this co-operation will bring benefits and new opportunities to both companies.’