WORK HAS begun on the 8·3 km extension of Madrid metro Line 7 from Las Musas to San Fernando de Henares, due to open in March 2007 and expected to cost a total of €444m. Known as Metroeste, the extension will serve an area with a population of 120000.

The route will have eight stations, the first east of Las Musas serving the main stadium for the 2012 Olympic Games should Madrid’s bid prove successful. Designed to handle up to 20000 passengers at a time, Estadio Olímpico will have level access to the platforms and stabling for up to six trains to handle the crowds leaving major events.

Dimetronic is to supply and maintain for three years signalling systems for Metroeste, including Distance To Go-Track Circuit (DTG-TC) automatic train control. Under contracts worth a total of €18m, Dimetronic is also supplying DTG-TC for the 15·8 km Metronorte route to San Sebasti