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    Taurus puts 1955 French speed record holders in the shade


    A dramatic dash along the Nürnberg - Ingolstadt Neubaustrecke on September 2 put a Siemens-built Taurus locomotive in the record books when it touched 357 km/h. Murray Hughes reports

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    Malaysia plans five years of rail growth


    The Ninth Malaysia Plan outlines all aspects of the country's development framework for 2006-10. Rail investment will focus on increasing operational efficiency, and promoting freight, commuter and inter-city passenger traffic

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    Three years on, and the PPP presents a mixed picture


    Assessing the performance of its contractors Metronet and Tube Lines during the third year of the Public-Private Partnership, London Underground has highlighted some notable achievements in the maintenance and upgrading of infrastructure and rolling stock. But as major modernisation projects gather pace, LU is concerned that its network is still ...

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    Direct Line will reshape the Finnish network


    Opening of the Kerava - Lahti cut-off will reduce journey times by up to an hour, triggering a complete reshaping of the national timetable. Chris Jackson reports from Helsinki