CD has called tenders for framework contracts for the supply of multiple-units.

CZECH REPUBLIC: National operator ČD has called tenders for framework contracts for the supply of diesel and electric multiple-units and inter-city coaches, ahead of the anticipated tendering of contracts for the operation of long-distance passenger services.

ČD is seeking up to 30 DMUs worth an estimated KC4bn. These must be capable of at least 140 km/h, and would be ordered in two or three-car variants with 120 or 180 seats. The EMU agreement worth an estimated KC4·6bn would cover up to 20 dual-voltage 3 kV DC and 25 kV 50 Hz units capable of at least 160 km/h. All the multiple-units should be air-conditioned and have low-floor areas, accessible retention toilets, power sockets and wi-fi.

The tenders have been called as part of ČD’s preparations for the Ministry of Transport tendering of contracts designed to open the long-distance passenger market, ČD Chairman Pavel Krtek said on April 18. ‘We will conclude a framework agreement with the winner that will later enable us to order only a precisely stipulated number of multiple-units in a configuration to be determined by the requirements of the public service contracting authority for the lines for which we will conclude relevant contracts’, he said. It is envisaged that the orders would be supported with EU funding.

ČD is also seeking up to 50 coaches capable of running at 200 km/h for use for use on international trains, including the Praha – Brno – Bratislava – Budapest route. ‘Due to the growing number of trains with a maximum speed of 160 km/h, or on foreign lines even higher, we will need to supplement our rolling stock in the coming years with additional passenger coaches meeting the highest demands’, said Krtek. ‘This will be a framework agreement, under which we will always order only as many coaches as we will need for the connections being prepared.’

  • ČD is to undertake a KC168m modernisation of its seven Pendolino trainsets in 2017-18. This will include installing power sockets, carpets in standard class, GSM repeaters, LED lighting, a ‘children’s cinema’ and electric shoe cleaners, as well as modernising the bistro and galley facilities.