GERMANY: Deutsche Bahn announced a €50m firm order for a further five Bombardier Transportation Twindexx Vario double-deck electric multiple-units on October 1.

Delivery is scheduled to start in the second half of 2014. The four and five-car 160 km/h EMUs will be used on regional services south from the Baltic coast.

The order has been placed under a December 2008 framework agreement for double-deck stock including EMUs, and includes three previously-ordered powered driving cars.

The EMUs will have low-floor entrances and a multi-purpose area on the lower deck of each car, providing space for luggage and up to 36 bicycles per unit.

The middle cars will be equipped with vending machines, and an area for people with reduced mobility including an accessible toilet. The upper deck of this car will have a first class area with 2+1 seating. The driving cars have conventional toilets.

The cars are to be built at Görlitz, with development undertaken at Hennigsdorf, bogies from Siegen and the traction systems supplied from Vasteras in Sweden

Bombardier Twindexx double-deck stock ordered by DB under 2008 framework agreement
January 2011€362m (includes 27 Traxx locos)135 coacheslong-distance
December 2011€34m18 coachesregionalKreuz Bremen
March 2012€160m16 x 4-car EMUsregionalHamburg - Kiel/Flensburg 2014
October 2012€50m5 x 4/5-car EMUs (includes 3 previously-ordered powered vehiclesregionalBaltic coast - Berlin/Sachsen Anhalt2014