CHINA: The first metro line in Qingdao opened for trial passenger operation at 11.00 on December 16. Services on Line 3 operate between 06.30 and 21.30 using six six-car trainsets.

The 12 km northern section of Line 3 links Qingdao North railway station with Shungshan in the city centre. There are 10 stations and the end-to-end journey time is 19 min. The underground standard gauge line is electrified at 750 V DC.

Construction started in 2009. The second phase will extend the route south by 13 km to Qingdao railway station, adding 12 stations. The total cost of both sections of Line 3 is 13bn yuan.

When complete, Line 3 will be operated with a fleet of 24 trainsets that will be stabled at a depot at the northern end of the route. The Type B sets supplied by CSR Qingdao Sifang are aluminium-bodied with capacity for 1 898 passengers including 248 seated.

Construction contracts worth 7bn yuan were awarded on November 20 for two further metro lines in Qingdao. China Railways 12th Group Co is to build Line 1 and China Railways 11th Group Co is to build Line 2.