SOUTH KOREA: Revenue services on the second metro line in Incheon started at 05.30 on July 30. The 29·1 km Line 2 links Geomdan Oryu in the north with Unyeon in the south.

Construction started on June 26 2009. Of the 27 stations, five are above ground. The combined length of the three elevated sections is 6·3 km. Geomam offers interchange with the AREX airport rail link and high speed main line services, Juan offers interchange with Seoul metro Line 1) and at Incheon City Hall there is an interchange with Incheon metro Line 1. Seongnam will be offer interchange with Seoul metro Line 7 once this is extended west in 2020.

Line 2 is operated with a fleet of 37 driverless two-car trainsets. The 34·4 m long trainsets have capacity for 206 passengers including 58 seated. Hyundai Rotem delivered the fleet in 2013, in time for the originally scheduled opening of the line in 2014.

Services are operated by Incheon Transit Corp. This also runs the first metro line, which opened in 1999 and was extended in 2007 and 2009.