Sir – I was very surprised to see that you reported last month that Alcatel was supplying the Seltrac S40 train control system for the Dubai metro (RG 4.08 p228). I should like to remind your readers that although the contract was originally awarded to Alcatel TAS, we have subsequently become Thales Rail Signalling Solutions. Thales now has both the CBTC signalling and communications contracts through Mitsubishi.

We have also re-designated the various products in our Seltrac range into three main groups: IS, LS and MS. This helps to differentiate more clearly between the different levels of lineside and on-board processing, with or without CBTC.

The equipment that we are supplying to Dubai is now designated Seltrac IS — our integrated CBTC solution offering high performance and a high level of automation for medium to heavy rail systems. Seltrac IS integrates interlocking and central control functions to provide a fully-driverless capability, with optional train supervision by an on-board attendant or driver. All train control functions are self-supervising.

Roger FradgleyThales Rail Signalling SolutionsToronto, Canada