TESTING: Communications company Cobham Wireless has launched a new mobile tester to validate the correct operation of GSM-R radios.

The Cobham Wireless 2201R is designed to connect directly to GSM-R devices, including high-powered Class 2 radios, and is able to test voice, data and SMS connections. An optional battery pack allows independent operation for up to 2·5 hours.

The compact 6·2 kg unit is designed for use within the confines of a locomotive cab. It can simulate group calls at various priority levels - including emergency - to verify the performance of cab and mobile radios as well as peripherals such as visual and audible safety alarms. It also allows voice group calls to and from the mobile to validate bi-directional communication. For mobile-originated calls, the tester decodes the group ID and priority level.

The SMS function retrieves all parameters used by the phone for transferring messages, which will assist the technician to analyse faulty behaviour.

The 2201R can be used in manual mode with an Autotest function where portability is required, or under remote control from the 7310 Lector and Scriptor family to create, modify and run test scripts.