LTG Cargo

LITHUANIA: National train operator LTG Group has awarded SRPA Impulse a contract to replace its Russian KLUB-U cab signalling equipment.

‘We are accelerating our plans and aiming to move away from the Russian KLUB-U locomotive safety system as soon as possible to ensure the use of a safe system and the supply of spare parts’, said Chief Resilience Officer Gediminas Šečkus on May 28.

LTG says KLUB-U has already been isolated from its other critical systems, with the server disconnected in 2017.

‘Although we manage risks and ensure security even when using KLUB-U, which we isolated from other IT systems of LTG Group, our goal is to have the equipment fully compatible with national security interests as soon as possible and with a guaranteed supply of spare parts from Lithuania-friendly countries’, said Šečkus.

The €10·1m project covers 35 LTG Link passenger locos, 111 LTG Cargo freight locos and 17 LTG Infra locos and self-propelled vehicles. Four vehicles belonging to LTG’s GTC engineering works business have already been fitted with the Estonian VEPS safety system.

The Commission for Co-ordination of Protection of Objects Critical for National Security has confirmed SRPA Impulse’s compliance with national security interests.

The project forms part of the FREE Rail programme to develop an operating model based on EU standards and best practice, while meeting the specific needs of 1 520 mm gauge railways.