SWEDEN: Inter-city operator SJ has awarded a contract to Perpetuum to provide remote condition monitoring equipment for the wheelsets on its fleet of X2000 tilting trainsets, together with a 10-year service agreement to support its operation. This will be the 10th fleet of trains around the world to be equipped with the Perpetuum technology, and the first in Scandinavia.

The system will provide continuous analysis of data related to track, bearings and wheel condition, allowing SJ to move its wheelset maintenance regime from distance-based to condition-based.

The contract signing follows an 18-month trial of the monitoring technology on 40 powered and unpowered wheelsets operating in the harsh Scandinavian environment. As well as the hardware, Perpetuum will be supplying its Bearing Health Index and Wheel Health Index algorithms, which have been deployed on more than 8 000 wheels that have already accumulated more than 4 billion km of operation. The 10 year service agreement ensures that the data and information streams will be future-proofed in the event of upgrades to the on-train or back office ICT architecture.

According to SJ’s X2 Fleet Manager Arvid Fredman, the RCM technology ‘fits well with our strategy to be in the forefront of digitalisation and continuously striving for efficient and cost-effective maintenance’.

  • Read about SJ’s original trial in the November 2014 issue of Railway Gazette International, available to subscribers in our digital archive.