Harting’s latest inter-car jumper cables use Han HPR connectors with a built-in RFID transponder in the ruggedised housing.

CABLES: A new design of pluggable inter-car jumper cable has been developed by Harting to carry electrical power, data and control signals.

The jumpers use Han rectangular connectors to ensure a robust connection to the vehicles, and these have been fitted with industrial-grade Ha-VIS RFID transponders to improve the management and maintenance regime.

Unlike the protected cabling within a vehicle, inter-car jumpers are exposed to mechanical stresses such as twisting, as well as heat, cold, rain, snow and UV radiation. This means that they need to be serviced or replaced at regular intervals.

The RFID transponders give each jumper cable a unique identification, allowing full traceability. In conjunction with an antenna, lineside readers and purpose-designed software, the transponders allow the operator to monitor the performance of each jumper cable throughout its life. This is expected to permit a precise evaluation of wear, facilitating a switch to a condition-based rather than a periodic maintenance regime, reducing both downtime and cost.