Coradia multiple-unit for Dakar

INTERNATIONAL: CAF has announced its first order to supply Coradia Polyvalent electro-diesel multiple-units since acquiring the product platform and the Reichshoffen factory from Alstom in August last year.

Under the contracts announced on April 3 CAF is to supply 11 four-car Régiolis trainsets ordered by the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region in the south of France, and seven four-car units ordered by Sénégal’s public works agency APIX.

Regiolis for Aquitaine

The two projects have a total value of €161m and will be undertaken through a consortium with Alstom, which will supply equipment for the trains.

CAF said further firm orders were expected. Its order backlog in France now stands at €2·4bn, representing 18% of the group total and making the country one of its most significant markets.