NIGERIA: CRRC Qishuyan unveiled the first NDJ3N diesel trainsets and DF11GN passenger locomotives for Nigeria when Minister of Transportation Rotimi Amaechi visited its factory in China on October 16.

CRRC Qishuyan locos for Nigeria.

The order placed by China Civil Engineering Group in January includes four NDJ3N 160 km/h trainsets, each with two power cars and seven passenger vehicles; six 3·6 MW DF11GN passenger locomotives, nine 3·7 MW DF8BN freight locomotives, and two 2 MW DF7GN shunting locomotives

The 1 435 mm gauge rolling stock is to be used on the 187 km Abuja – Kaduna line which was inaugurated in July 2016, and the 156 km line between Lagos and Ibadan which is CCEG is building for opening next year.

Deliveries from China are expected to begin in late October. ‘For those complaining that the trains are not enough, especially for the Abuja – Kaduna route, we heard your cries, the trains are coming!’, said Amaechi.

Minister of Transportation Rotimi Amaechi met Nigerian staff who are being trained in in China.

The manufacturer will also train Nigerian drivers and maintenance staff.

‘On the issue of maintenance and sustainability of the new trains, I can assure you that we are taking it seriously and we’ve made plans for that’, said Amaechi.

‘One of the many things we are doing is that we have sent Nigerians to China for training and to understudy the Chinese manufacturers. After their training in China, the plan is to have these Nigerians run and maintain the trains and our rail lines. I met some of them in China and they are very eager to come back home to manage and ensure sustainability of the new facilities and trains. We are building next level human capacity.’

  • CRRC Tangshan recently delivered to Nigeria the first 10 of a batch of 64 coaches that it is supplying.